Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
I believe horses, well, really any animal, come into our care for a reason. 

The reason could be to help us... to grow in some way, to change a behavior, to resolve hurt or trauma, to release feelings that are holding us back, to show us problems with our health or anything else that helps us to become better or whole again.  When I began to realize the significance the animals had in my life...on my emotional growth, it opened me up to a greater awareness that increases with each day.  And it encourages me to do a better job of being a better person for myself as well as for my animals.

One of my past experiences was with Dinah, a senior husky, who came into my life as a foster then I adopted her.  She had been surrendered, overweight with difficulty walking as well as getting up and down. She was the redemption for the regret I carried of not knowing how to help our last senior dog, Bryndall.  With all that I had learned using Young Living products, I was able to give this girl a couple more healthy, happy and vibrant years with our family.   Our horse Frannie came to help me to release emotional baggage. He showed me that sometimes there is nothing we can do to save them. This is from hurt I carried for many years over the death of my father.

So something happened this morning that was really kind of a slap in the face to wake me up out of my funk lately!  That I needed to do better and that my horse was showing me the error of my ways. I wanted to share it as I think we can all get caught up in our lives and need a reminder to be in the moment and pay attention to what our horses are telling us!

Here's what happened...

The horses had been out and about foraging.  I had put a flake of hay in each of the stall areas for when they came back in.  Each horse generally starts out having their breakfast in their chosen stall, then they move from stall to stall eating from the hay bags(in this hot/humid weather they have been choosing to stay in during the day).  Saxon always eats in the middle stall as his large dish and place mat are set up for him.  Calli happened to be in that stall when I headed down with the dishes of food.  Saxon started to go in, saw Calli and whipped his head to the side catching me.  It wasn't hard, but I did feel it and it brought up my anger.  With that anger and my hands full of feed dishes I sent Calli out of the stall so I could get Saxon set up to eat.   I then fed Maggie and Calli as both were then waiting in the other stalls.

I left the area to go make hay bags and on my way up to the barn, I heard a squeal and a bang on the wall.  I looked back to see Maggie running out of the stall and a bit upset.  Calli had finished her meal and had gone in to push Maggie out with the same kind of anger that I had just displayed to her.  I apologized to Maggie, then Calli for the blame of this situation was not on them or even Saxon, it was on me.  

My anger that came out is not something I am happy about, but I am glad that Calli showed me what I look like by doing the same thing to Maggie.  It made me realize that I must manage my emotions better...regardless of the heat, the bugs and any other things in life that may be bothering me.  Being in the moment with our horses is what they show us is important.  It's when we are off in our heads that problems arise.  So I have pulled out my Feelings Kit of oils to use to help myself feel more relaxed and balanced.

Kind of a coincidence (are there really coincidences?), just this morning I had a message from a friend asking for suggestions regarding a situation with one of her horses.  The last thing that she said when we finished talking was that she is noticing the horse is showing the same physical issues that she has!  That is the key, notice what our horses are telling us.  Our horses are our mirrors and will show us what we need to pay attention to and change to make us better or whole again.  

For more information on holistic horse care, be sure to join us over in our FB community The Hearts Of Horses; Empowering Through Holistic Care.

All the best,

Start today! Prepare your horse for next year's fireworks.

Start today!  Prepare your horse for next year's fireworks.
Did you or your horses have a bad experience with this year's fireworks?  Is this celebration (or anytime with loud noises) always a time of stress for you and them? 

We are about one week past this year's 4th of July celebrations.  NOW is the time to begin preparing your horses for next year's celebrations.  Try these suggestions to make some changes and empower yourself to enjoy, and not fear, this yearly event!

Getting your own mind and emotions right first is a good place to start!  The Universe says that you get what you focus on... sooo focus on a positive, calm experience that you can see for you and your horse!  Do this every time you interact with your horse.  Create a calm picture in your mind of what you will be doing.  Your horse will see this and feel the calm from you.  If you see this picture in your mind ahead of time, doing it multiple times, chances are your experience with your horse will go as you created (pictured) it!

Taking the time to get ourselves grounded before we interact with our horse will also help them  to feel that way too!  Take a moment to ground yourself through a meditation, a quiet moment or just picture the upcoming interaction.  Quiet your breathing and feel the calm with your horse. This will help to set the tone for your time with your horse. 

Essential Oils have been a big part of our successful care and that includes helping with calming and grounding.  A couple of favorites that work well are Peace and Calming and Stress Away.  Another blend called Valor is very beneficial for supporting the lower energy centers that can be the root problem for horses that have these issues around safety.   Once I realized how integral the emotions are with what we see outwardly with our horses, in terms of their physical health, I put together a resource that makes it easy to figure out what my horse might be feeling and the potential oils I can use to help open up those areas of the body.  Grab the resource here.

Giving attention to my horse's energy systems has been a wonderful addition to their care.  The Healing Touch for Animals® techniques allows me to remove the congestion and blockages that contribute to unsettled behavior as well as physical issues.  Techniques like Grounding and Focus™, Bridging™ and the Chakra Balance™ are all useful in helping our horses to become more balanced mentally, emotionally and physically.  There's even a technique called Trauma Release™ that is helpful when there is deep seated trauma that needs to be released.  To learn more about this amazing program, click here.

Now that you've prepared yourself and your horse with a great image, calming oils and grounded balanced energy...now it's time to go explore!  Take walks with your horse to expose them to a variety of new things in their life!  Allow them to be curious and explore the new objects, whether the objects are stationary, moving, silent or loud!  The more you and your horse get out and explore together, the more you will be developing confidence and connection.  There is a 30 Day Challenge with daily prompts of activities you can do with your horse that will help to develop this calm, confidence and connection.  You can find it in my community The Hearts of Horses; Empowering Through Holistic Care.  Remember you are always looking for your horse to find relaxation in each of these new situations.

By putting your attention on these areas and spending time with your horse now to overcome this issue, you'll be enjoying a quiet, uneventful celebration with your horses come July 4th 2023!

All the best,

Spring Cleaning For Your Horse... Inside and Out

Spring Cleaning For Your Horse... Inside and Out
With the passing of every winter comes the excitement and joy of spring…warmer weather, trees budding, plants coming up in their bright green colors and time spent getting our horses shed out and cleaned up.  There are a few items that have made my life a heck of a lot easier and helped to improve the health of my horses!  Let me share these with you…

Let’s take a look at cleaning up the outside first.  Sooo much hair to remove and hooves to check…

The first item is one that I discovered while in my trimming practice.  It became a staple of my business and I used it on all client’s hooves.  I used it for its effectiveness at cleaning hooves and for promoting  the healthy growth of the frogs.   The fact that I could make up a 28 oz bottle for a little over a dollar was a big deal too!  This spray is not only effective for cleaning hooves but it did wonders for the skin and coat of my horses.  It is one of the main things to help my horse Calli get over her springtime itching situation that I would deal with every year when I first got her.   This Thieves Household Cleaner has become a part of everything I clean in the barn and my home.  It’s toxin free ingredients and ability to promote wellness make it a perfect option for those looking for holistic care.  

With spring comes exuberant horses and with that comes minor injuries. This next item, while not so much on the cleaning side of things, it certainly goes hand in hand with them and does wonders on these injuries.  It’s the thing that I turn to for any cuts, scrapes, nicks or dings on my horses.  First they get the Thieves Cleaner spray, maybe an oil or two depending upon what has happened and then a finger full of the Animal Scents Ointment.  It goes on easy, almost melts into the skin and provides a protective barrier.  It contains powerful essential oils like Myrrh and Tea Tree, along with moisturizing base oils that make a dry, cracked frog feel better.  I shared a great hack on making the Ointment more user friendly in my holistic care fb community,The Hearts Of Horses, Empowering Through Holistic Care .  This is another of my must-have horse care tools and is always on hand!

With the warmer weather we can finally give a bath!  While I do not go overboard on this, it is still important to me to have something that will not harm my horses’ skin and immune system, but instead supports them.  I’ve been using the Animal Scents Shampoo for quite a few years now for both my horses and dog, and the occasional cat.  It is a deterrent to lice, ticks and other insects so that is a big gold star in my book, especially since my horses live in the woods!   This is very concentrated and only a small amount is needed.  I use one of my old Thieves Dish Soap bottles and add a bit to it then fill with hot water to mix it up.  This makes application and spreading it around a lot easier.  Their hair comes out smelling so clean as well as looking and feeling so soft and healthy.

This next item is one that I discovered works great as a mane and tail detangler!  It’s the Insect Repellent.  So while I’m untangling manes and tails, my horses are getting a treatment with Vitamin E and bug (mosquito, flea and tick)repelling properties from pure essential oils like Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Geranium, Spearmint, Thyme and Clove oil.  Sesame oil works on the tangles!  Double duty on one product makes this one a must have with my spring readiness.

Now let’s take a look at how we can “clean up” our horses’ insides…

When we talk about cleaning up our horse’s insides, it has everything to do with their digestive system health and their nutrition.  For awhile now I’ve used garlic granules for my horses.  First, I began just giving it to them in their feed seasonally as a bug deterrent but after writing a blog about the benefits of garlic, I decided to feed it year round.  From digestive support to fighting fungal infections to detoxifying heavy metals… garlic really helps to clean and maintain internal function.

Adding a potent probiotic will benefit the intestinal system and support proper bowel function.  The bowels are so important to immune system health and without their proper function, the body is susceptible to a variety of illnesses.  Probiotics are necessary to rid the body of the harmful bacteria and yeast.  From personal experience with our oldest gelding Saxon, the Life 9 probiotics have been a saving grace.  Saxon was experiencing very loose stools and even liquid dripping marks on his back side.  Once I incorporated the Life 9 into his daily regimen, he was back on track! He gets one per day and that seems to work well for him.

The last “inside cleaning” item I will share are enzymes.  Enzymes are necessary for proper digestion, nutrient utilization and waste elimination.  They can help to combat such things as gas, allergies, lethargy and even behavior changes.  This last thing is what caused me to try Allerzyme with Saxon.  He was really acting out of sorts and being down right grumpy, which is not his usual demeanor.  As soon as I started him on Allerzyme, he went back to his old, happy self.  I am currently using Essentialzymes for him now with the same good results.  He may even like them better as they have a peppermint coated bilayer for dual time release during digestion.

Wishing you all the best as we kick off spring!

Things to do with your horse when its too cold... or you don't have a lot of time!

Things to do with your horse when its too cold... or you don't have a lot of time!

The winter can be tough to spend time playing with or riding your horse, especially if you don’t have access to an indoor or good footing.  But don’t fret, there are loads of things you can to with your horse!  These activities will help to develop your relationship as well as improve your horse’s mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Here is a list of a few things I like to do with my horses when its cold or I’m short on time…

Just be with them. Put your hands on them and breathe.  Let your breathing and hearts get in sync.  Talk quietly with your horse.  Tell them your secrets…

Do stretches.  Lifting the front leg with a little stretch forward is great for their shoulders. Tickling the belly with your finger tips is great for getting them to lift their top line.  A hind leg, cross in front hold is great for the hind end and balance (there’s a great video of this in Guide 9 of the Hearts Of Horses group).

Ask for yields.  Using the lightest of touches, or maybe even just a thought.  Ask your horse to move their hindquarters or crossover their front feet moving away from you.  Have them back up or move sideways away from you.  A challenge…ask them to move sideways toward you!

Pick up their feet and check them.  Do a quick clean out and inspect each foot to make sure all is well.  A quick spray with Thieves Cleaner goes a long way for keeping the frogs healthy too!

Assess their energy centers to see if all are open and flowing.  Not sure how to do this? Watch this video and learn to use a pendulum.

Use energy healing techniques from Healing Touch for Animals to clear away congested energy and blockages from their system.  To me this is the most overlooked part of our care for our animals.  If you'd like to learn more about energy and vibration tools read my recent blog here.

Use light therapy (red, green and blue).  Apply the light to wellness points on your horse for a preventive approach to their care.  Use the light on the carotid for 10 minutes to cleanse their blood!

Apply essential oils. Do a RainDrop Kit session to promote relaxation, cleansing and immune system stimulation.  Spend a month applying the Feelings Kit daily and you’ll be amazed at how much more harmonious you and your horse will be together!  It will bring your partnership to a whole new level!

If some of these things are new to you, or you’ve never heard of them but are interested in learning more, I encourage you to check out the Guide section at the top of the page in our community, The Hearts of Horses, Empowering Through Holistic Care.

Stay warm and enjoy your time with your horses,


5 Ways to Calm Your Horse...Holistically

5 Ways to Calm Your Horse...Holistically
Before I discuss the five ways to help calm your horse holistically, I’d like to give you two key characteristics to keep in mind that are necessary for raising kids, training animals or running a business--- Honesty and Consistency.   With these two qualities you will surely have success, especially with your horses.    Animals are honest…they know no other way.  It is one of the reasons they are so good for us.  They help us to become better for ourselves and for them.  The consistency part can be difficult for us.  It means doing the same thing, in sequence, repeatedly.    It also means offering the same (non-emotional) response to undesired behavior.  Horses learn patterns 7 times faster than humans.  So be sure to pay attention to what you are doing BEFORE, because they’re already 7 steps ahead!

Now let’s talk about the 5 ways to calm your horse, holistically…
1.  Get your horse out of the stall and moving!  Horses are herd animals who live in small bands that cover approximately 25 miles a day in their wild setting.  Their range revolves around the water hole.  There are also a variety of “events” within the range that keep the horses moving to the next one!  Knowing what these are and incorporating them into your horse’s environment will contribute to a more balanced emotional state.  There are “events” like the water hole, the bathing/grooming area, a resting area, a salt/minerals lick and more.  The “vices” that come into play with horses in stalls, become virtually non-existent when they are allowed to move as a herd.
2.  Play with your horse!  Get to know them on the ground and learn to have a conversation with them.  Allow them to have a choice and a say in what you are doing.  Remember you are developing a friendship/partnership where you each have responsibilities.   Can you imagine hanging out with a friend who is always telling you what to do and never asks what you like or want?! 
 Asking your horse to change directions gets them into their thinking (left) side of their brain instead of the emotional (right) side of the brain.   So if your horse is getting all wound up and excited, AVOID the lunging circle!  Get your back to a fence and get them changing direction.  They’ll soon come off their adrenaline high and begin thinking again.  Asking your horse to move backwards and sideways also requires using the thinking side of the brain.  These two movements are definitely a great thing to incorporate into your regular routine with your horse! 
3.  Feed your horse like a horse!  It’s so easy to want to give our horses all the things.  Admit it, it makes us feel better.   The fact is most grains and treats are loaded with sugars and can be deadly to our horses.  Horses are browsers.  Browsing for small amounts of plants while moving all-day-long.  Setting up the environment so they can eat this way will reduce many of the “problems” we see with traditional horse keeping.  It could be as simple as spreading the hay into many piles (instead of one or two) so that horses can push their herd mates to the next pile.  There should always be more piles than horses! 
Another key part of nutrition are the minerals.  This is often overlooked and one of the key pieces of their overall emotional wellness.   Magnesium plays a large role here too!   Get your hay tested to find out the minerals you will need to supplement.   For more information on providing a good foundation of nutrition for your horse, get this guide.
4.  Use essential oil blends and singles daily for your horse’s emotional fitness!   A few of my favorites are Peace and Calming, Valor and Stress Away.  They were instrumental in my hoof trimming business for helping to settle an unsettled horse (and owner too)!   I could offer a drop in my hand to the horse and depending upon their need; they may sniff it, lick it from my hand or sometimes they’d grab the whole bottle!   That seemed to happen a lot with Stress Away.   There are a few other oils used in protocols that I have found to offer incredible emotional releases and help to balance the horse’s energy.  These are the Feelings Kit, Freedom Sleep and Freedom Release Collection.
5.  Lastly, incorporating Healing Touch for Animals has forever changed my animal care for the better.  I can help my animals to be calm and release experiences that are causing them to feel or behave in unwanted ways.  Learning the techniques from the Level 1 online course have allowed me to not only help my horses (dogs and cats too) live better… I have been able to help other people’s horses to feel relief from traumatic events, to release traumas they have carried and to get their energy open and flowing again.   If you have horses (or any animal) the Level 1 is a wonderful addition to your holistic care tool box.  Click here for more information about the Healing Touch for Animals Level 1 online course.
Having a calm horse is something virtually anyone can achieve.  By taking the time to understand the things that motivate a horse (and are innate in them), you can begin to put each facet in place in their environment as you care for and interact with them.  For me, each of these has contributed to the emotional balance of my horses as, over the years, I learned and incorporated them into my life with horses.  I am forever grateful to have learned these holistic care ways.  I hope you take the opportunity to incorporate some of them too!

If you have questions or choose to learn more, join my free Face Book group...