What are some holistic care options for deworming?

What are some holistic care options for deworming?
In recent years, there has been more and more information reported about the ineffectiveness of traditional paste wormers.  Parasites have become resistant to the traditional deworming drugs.  This fact combined with the fact that paste wormers are not well received by horses and are a royal pain in the butt to administer(because horses don’t like them!), makes it a perfect time to consider the alternative ways to deworm your horse.

Parasites are present in all horses.   It becomes a problem when there are too many!  Too many parasites leads to damage in the gut, damage to blood vessels, problems with circulation and often colic.

Some of the things you might see in your horses appearance or behavior when there is a heavy parasite burden are…
  • Loss of weight
  • Poor appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Anemia

As with anything related to health… PREVENTION is the key!  Keeping horses healthy means they are less likely to become susceptible to such things as disease and parasites.  It’s all about keeping those vibrations high!  After all disease and poor health enters the body at around  58 MHz.

A few factors that will help you to keep your horse as happy and healthy as possible are…
  • Allowing your horse the ability to move about as much as possible.  Get them out of the stall and onto a track.  Moving as a herd plays into their sense of safety and less stressed life.  Emotional stability plays a huge role in their wellness.
  • Keep a clean environment.  Removing manure will help to insure good health and reduce parasite problems.
  • Feed a good forage based diet to your horses with plenty of minerals and fresh water.
  • Have fecal checks done periodically on your horses.  Your veterinarian can do this or you can get a microscope and do it yourself!

Early on when we got started with horses, we were also homeschooling and learning all about the benefits of plants.  Incorporating herbs and plants into my horses’ lifestyle was an easy path to follow from there.  This was also how I met our “plant sage”, herbalist neighbor Rosemary Gladstar (there’s a pretty funny story there too…!).

I learned about the many plants that are considered to have anthelmintic qualities and began using them with my horses.  I sourced them from Mountain Rose Herbs having received the recommendation from Rosemary (she had started this company many years earlier).  One of the plants that I found out has these qualities is cedar.  How lucky that we live in cedar woods!  Some other plants that are known for their anthelmintic qualities are…
  • Aloe                                              Wood Sorrel
  • Marshmallow                               Thyme
  • Pumpkin                                        Garlic
  • Senna                                            Ferns
As time went on and I was introduced to Young Living’s Essential Oils, I began using these and their oil infused nutritional products to maintain balanced health.  The first oil I chose and still rely on daily for my horses is Lemongrass.  I add a few drops to their morning feed daily and they love it!  It also is a great support to their immune system.  I also include DiGize in their daily feed as well for its digestive support and cleansing abilities.

Other essential oils that have cleansing qualities are…
  • Peppermint            Patchouli           Orange
  • Tarragon                 Copaiba
  • Fennel                     Tea Tree
  • Thieves                                   Immupower
  • JuvaCleanse.                        Purification
  • AromaEase                           Melrose
Other products that I have found extremely helpful are Life 9, ParaFree and ICP.  

 Life 9 contains 9 strains of beneficial bacteria that support normal immune, intestinal and metabolic function. 

 ParaFree soft gels contains a blend of powerful cleansing oils along with carrier oils of sesame seed and olive oil.

ICP offers a gentle intestinal cleanse by combining a mix of fibers as well as essential oils that improve nutrient absorption, decrease a build up of waste and promote a healthy heart.

Topical Applications
The best cleansing spray I’ve used in terms of effectiveness and safety for my animals is by far the Thieves Household Cleaner.  You can super charge it with oils from some of the ones listed above to really cleanse.  Just add 20 drops of Digize, Copaiba, Melrose, Purification and Orange or Lemongrass.   Use this spray daily for best results.  The Rain Drop Technique is also a recommended practice every couple of days.

Taking advantage of a full moon helps to expel parasites as they are most active during this time.  Adding extra drops of oils before, during and after the full moon is most beneficial.  Incorporating ICP, periodically on full moons, would be helpful as well.

 Schedule  with your vet or do your own fecal checks.  We have a Worm Moon coming on March 18, 2022, so you can be ready to increase your applications if needed.

 If you’re looking to try out any of the Young Living products I’ve talked about, use my link here.

All the best,