Would you like to know what your animals are feeling ?...

This tool will help you to gain some insight into what your animals are feeling.  AND give you some options to help release and clear the congestion and energy blockages that create emotional and physical distress.

 This e-book...
      * shows the body's energy centers for horses, dogs and humans
      * gives examples of some of the emotions governed by each energy center
      * outlines the body systems controlled by each energy center 
      * gives examples of essential oils to use for each energy center
      * offers a description of why and how to use the chart
      * offers tips and techniques for application
      *  includes an observations and notes template
      * offers additional resources 

By utilizing this assessment tool you will have greater insight into the feelings and emotions of your animals.  Empowering you to become the confident, caregiver they deserve.

This e-book is a printable PDF which you can download and read on your device. You may also choose to print as a booklet or even print handy cards to take to the barn with you!  I keep the chart in every room of the house and in the barn! 

In addition to this e-book the course contains videos outlining each of the aspects of the book.   Also included... learn to use a pendulum to assess your horse(animal), use the pendulum to choose the appropriate essential oils, how and where to apply the oils, the benefits of adding energy work to your repertoire of animal care and a video and instruction sheet on the application of the Feelings Kit on a horse.


Hi! My name is Marta.  As a former hoof care professional I was drawn into the world of essential oils.  I discovered they helped horses stay calm while I was trimming!  With each passing success I became more curious and explored the subject of emotions and oils.  It became evident that there was an incredible connection between our emotions and the physical body.  And both were contained within energy centers.  As I learned more, I needed to share this information with others to benefit their animals.  I had created an original chart a few years ago when I started teaching horse workshops.  I found that I needed a tool that incorporated emotions along with the physical body and essential oils within each energy center.  I was looking for that quick reference card that I could carry with me.  I hope you enjoy this expanded version with more details.  You can also choose to print out the charts of your choice at your discretion.  Linking the emotions to the body was a turning point for me in understanding how to help my animals.