Stand up for your horse's care to professionals

Stand up for your horse's care to professionals
Have you ever felt intimidated, overlooked or even minimized when it comes to working with your horse's health care professionals?
Interactions like this can leave you feeling helpless, frustrated and even angry.  Especially if you, as the  caregiver, have some reservations about what is happening or just plain disagree!  Early on I readily accepted the information from my professionals.  After all, I was new to horses and was learning!  But as time passed and I dove into a variety of aspects of caring for my horses, especially hoof care, there were many things I had been doing that just didn't feel right.  I now had options for new, different and what I believed were better things to do.  Things that felt better to me and were more closely in line with what I have for ideas on how I choose to care for my horses. 

 As I learned more, it became easier for me to speak up and ask questions and even disagree with what I may have been told by my professionals, who I had chosen.  At some point, we must realize when and if things may not be working with that professional and seek out another who is more in alignment with our beliefs.   Remember, you are the horse owner who hires the professional.  You get the last word.

 It is important for caregivers to realize that they are the decision makers for their horses.

Knowing we are the decision maker for our horse and actually speaking up and standing our ground, so to speak, are two very different things.  For some it comes easier to speak up while others may need some help and encouragement.  

Luckily, there ARE things we can do to BUILD OUR CONFIDENCE so that we feel empowered when talking with our horse's healthcare professional.  The first thing to do is learn more about the various areas of our horse's care.  Dive into books, watch videos, read blogs, go to seminars and webinars and learn from as many sources as you can.   I can remember when I first got started I was grabbing every book and dvd collection I could get my hands on, for nutrition and hoof care!  Luckily I had a great barefoot trimmer who was willing and happy to share her knowledge and resources with me.  

Just having more knowledge gives us a more solid foundation from which to ask questions and feel more secure about having a conversation with a professional.  Whether the topic is nutrition, hoof care, vaccinations or parasite protocols it is beneficial for you to learn that there are a variety of ways to deal with and promote good health.  And you get to choose what you feel are the best ways to handle these for your horses.

The next thing to do is find and surround yourself with people who feel the same way that you do!  Whether it is the barn community you choose or an online community, finding groups who align with our beliefs goes a long way to helping us feel confident in the decisions we are making.  It gives us a sense that we are not alone, or crazy, for thinking and feeling the way we do.  Just because it's a bit different than the "norm", doesn't make it bad or wrong.   I have created an online community for exactly this kind of support and empowerment.  It's called The Hearts of Horses; Empowering Through Holistic Care.  Join us there if you're ready to feel empowered!

Now get started on these two tasks and see where your confidence journey takes you!  I bet even your horses will notice a difference in your demeanor and energy...😉

All the best,

Side-Effect Free Alternatives to "Bute"!

Side-Effect Free Alternatives to "Bute"!
When I first got started with horses, I used "bute".   Phenylbutazone (a synthetic analgesic) is what everybody used and the vets prescribed readily for most problems.  Later, when I learned that it creates problems in the gut,  I knew I needed to look for alternatives for pain and inflammation management.  

Managing pain and inflammation are a priority when helping your horse to recover from anything!   When these two issues are diminished it allows the animal to initiate their own innate healing.  We can help them when we put things in place that allows them to heal faster and easier.  For example, while learning more about hooves, it became clear that stall rest would create longer healing times and was hard on horses mentally and emotionally.  The faster we can get them comfortable and moving with their herd, the faster the healing time.

I've always been drawn to plants, so I gravitated to plants and herbs as these safer options of pain and inflammation management.  Getting help form a local herbalist, I began using such herbs as yucca, devil's claw and white willow bark.  It became clear that the horses liked these choices too as they never turned their nose up at eating them.  I even found that branches from our willow tree, that had blown down into their track, were readily stripped of leaves and the bark was chewed!  That said a lot to me!  They were seeking out these options on their own. 

Later, I would be introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and would fall in love with how well and how quickly they helped in every situation in which I used them!  One memorable time, I went to trim a horse who was favoring one foot when I arrived.  It was the left hind and he wasn't putting any weight on it.  I asked the owner if I could apply some Wintergreen oil in the hopes that he may feel well enough to allow me to work on the other back foot.  I applied a drop to each of the Ting points on the coronary band.  In seconds that lovely, older gelding swung his head back and said, "Thank You, that feels so much better"!  This is one experience that happened early on when I started using the oils and really solidified my belief in how well and quickly they work (without any ill side effects).  Some of my other favorite oils in theses situations are Clove, Copaiba, Lemongrass, Helichrysum, Panaway and the Orthosport and OrthoEase Massage Oils.

One of the next tools I learned about and acquired was a red light from Photonic Health.  The red light activates cell respiration, releasing nitric oxide and creating energy in the form of ATP(adenosine triphosphate).  This action causes blood vessels to relax and widen allowing for greater blood flow within the tissues.  The increased ATP production allows for better absorption of nutrients, eliminates toxins, triggers release of endorphins, enkephalins, anti-inflammatories, serotonin and more.  I have used this tool on my horses for such things as cuts and scrapes,  hoof issues and puncture wounds to regular wellness care.  It's so easy to use and with the reference books, it makes it even easier!

The most recent option for holistic care that I learned to use is Healing Touch for Animals.  HTA just drew me right in when I first observed it at an holistic care animal conference a few years ago!  Soon after I took the online Level 1 and later went on to take the Level 2 in person, in PA.  What an amazing way to support our horses (and other animals) using specific techniques and being the "tool" in helping to restore their energetic flow and balance.  HTA techniques reduce and eliminate pain, stress and trauma by allowing the relaxation response to occur.  When there is relaxation, the body initiates its own healing response.  Addressing this energetic side of our horses, in my opinion, is the piece that is overlooked in traditional care.  It is the piece, that when cared for, allows the animal to heal themselves faster and more completely.   It is also the piece that when focused on, is a great tool for preventive care.  A balanced energetic system is part of being well and healthy.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful and consider giving one or all a try! 

And if you're not already in it, join my community for more holistic care ways to care for your horses...The Hearts of Horse, Empowering Through Holistic Care.

All the best,

Are You Using Vibration/Energy Tools for Your Horses Yet?

Are You Using Vibration/Energy Tools for Your Horses Yet?
Are you not sure what that even means?

That’s ok.  I wasn’t either until a few years back…

Everything carries energy and vibration… plants, rocks, animals and people.  The higher the vibration, the greater your health.  Generally, a healthy body enjoys a frequency range measured in Megahertz of 62-78 MHz, while disease or illness begins at 57 MHz.  Clearing old negative energy away and adding new increased energy to ourselves and horses improves wellness. Below are a few of the ways I have incorporated vibration and energy work into the care of my horses… and myself!

I have always loved plants.  The first things I did when I bought my first house was to plant a big vegetable garden and create herb/flower beds.  Years later, when my daughter was in high school (we were homeschooling and purchased a home study course), I began studying and learning more about the medicinal nature of plants.  I began using herbs regularly, even including them in the care of my horses.   I loved mixing herbs for teas, learned to make tinctures and salves and still have a favorite lotion recipe that my husband enjoys. 

It wasn’t until I got into horses and my trimming practice that I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils.  The emotional impact that blends of oils had on horses was incredible and undeniable!  I began using them daily for my horses and the more I learned, the more I was using them.  I soon was using them in their feed and trading out all the usual horse products I had for these essential oils.  If you're looking for the highest of quality essential oils and oil infused products, check out the ones I use here, Young Living Essential Oils.

Along my journey of beginning with horses, there were signs and introductions to such things as dowsing (using a pendulum) and muscle testing. I had the opportunity to observe people using these techniques at a friend's barn.  To me it was fascinating, but I wasn’t quite ready at that time to investigate those areas.

I needed more work on cleansing myself and my environment.  As I made changes in my daily life in these areas (reading food labels, eating cleaner food, using products without harmful toxins), my vibration increased (low vibration = sickness and disease) as did my intuition.
With this raised vibration from cleansing, my fascination with crystals started to blossom.

 I had a very old necklace that was my great grandmother’s.  It had been hanging on a picture, over my dresser, that I walked by every morning and evening.  It is a beautiful, tear drop shaped stone of Lapis Lazuli, on an antique chain.  When I’d pass by it, I found myself stopping and touching it.  I eventually started wearing it.  Lapis is a stone that promotes your intuition.  It is also known for harmonizing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a being. Lapis also brings objectivity and clarity. 

 From this beginning, my love of crystals grew… learning more, collecting and carrying them.   I am now starting to incorporate them into my Healing Touch for Animals work.  I was so excited to have had a conversation/interview in my horse community about using crystals with the founder of the HTA program, Carol Komitor. If you’d like to watch that, you can find the video in the Guides section of my Hearts of Horses, Empowering Through Holistic Care community.

I learned about a new crystal application tool this past fall, when I attended an online Animal Conference that included a variety of speakers.  Through one of the presentations, I learned about these crystal mats and their healing abilities.  The crystals raise your vibration and can increase circulation and reduce inflammation.  There are mats you can lay on as well as wraps to apply to the body.  I can see many uses for this for myself as well as my animals.   I am excited to delve more into learning about this tool in the coming new year!

Light therapy is another tool I use with regularity and see a multitude of benefits.  I use it proactively, as in promoting the immune system as well as for emergency situations.  You can hold the light on your carotid artery for about 10 minutes and thoroughly cleanse your blood! 
My red light came in pretty darn handy when my dog, Zeke, got hit by a car a few years back.   It’s also great for the cuts and scrapes the horses get on occasion.  The light therapy also offers green and blue along with the red with each having its own unique health benefits.  I love the one I have as the company offers such great support and education around using the tools and resources. Check them out if you'd like to see what they offer...Photonic Health.

The next thing I found was incredibly powerful to me.  A few years back I was fortunate to have attended the Animal Conference at Young Living’s Mona, Utah Farm.  There were many terrific demonstrations and information about using essential oils, but the one that captivated me the most was the demonstration with Carol Komitor and Kate Brown on Healing Touch for Animals.  I was drawn to everything about it, including the use of the oils, but the desire to know more about influencing the energy of an animal to promote faster healing was so exciting.  I had made up my mind right there that I would learn more by taking the Level 1 online course!  I have since completed that along with an in-person Level 2 course. If you're interested in learning more, have a look here at Healing Touch for Animals.
Introducing each of these vibration/energy tools into my daily use has been a process over time.  Each has proven to be an incredible addition to provide wellness to my family and animals.  I am excited to keep learning about more ways to help my animals.  If you’re ready to learn more about these energy healing modalities I've talked about above, be sure to find the information on each in the guide section in the Hearts of Horses, Empowering Through Holistic Care community.  I'd also be happy to talk with you personally, so feel free to reach out and contact me!

Happy New Year and see you in the Hearts of Horses community...