Are you a first time horse owner wondering How To Feed Your New Horse?  Or you've had horses all your life but are looking for a simplermore holistic way to feed...?

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Do you ever hit that energy slump at 2:00 or 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon?  DO you lack the ambition to carry on throughout the day, like you feel there is nothing left in your tank and you're just running on fumes? 
That used to be me...Every. Single. Day.

It got so frustrating not being able to get done all the things I needed to each day.  It was the simple things too, like fixing supper for my family.  At the time, being a farrier for horses meant heavy lifting and hard, repetitive movements hour after hour and by 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon I was feeling wiped.  My arms felt heavy, I was dragging my feet and I was cranky and moody.  It didn't take much for me to snap at someone who tried to talk to me.

But then, I was given the opportunity to try a special juice for a 30 day period.  I purchased two bottles and proceeded to drink the juice daily.  Within the first week I felt better!  I had more energy, felt happier and enjoyed working into the afternoon.  On really busy days (trimming 8-10 horses) I would have some juice with lunch too.  I noticed it made me feel more full and focused!  As I went through the month drinking the juice, I felt strong, energized, grounded and able to happily go through my day.  It wasn't until the month was over, and the juice was gone, that within a couple of days I was feeling like my old, dragged out self.  I knew then that I needed to add this drink to my life. Permanently!

I've since learned to use this juice, along with other strategies, to benefit the wellness of my animals.  It is now my great joy in life to empower others to care for their animals in an holistic way in order to benefit them mentally, emotionally and physically.

Are you ready to live your best life with your animals?  
   Where you can both be strong, vibrant, and intentional... together!

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