How To Conquer Bugs For Your Animals...Without Using Insecticides

How To Conquer Bugs For your Animals… Without Using Insecticides


Admit it... we all hate bugs, right?!  

From the nasty biting flies, gnats and mosquitos to ticks, fleas and giardia!  These pests can be aggravating to our animals and a health risk to both us and them.

If you’re like me, applying a topical spot on treatment, collar or spray containing an insecticide/pesticide is NOT an option for my horses, dogs or cats!   I love them too much to poison them with those kinds of treatments.  They are my family. 

The natural food additive I discovered, that fits in with my holistic care lifestyle and works for us, is garlic

Now you may have heard or read about the dangers of feeding garlic to your animals based upon a single study out of Japan.  It seems dogs were forced to ingest excessive amounts of raw garlic with adverse reactions resulting.  The fact that people do this kind of thing to animals makes me sick, but aside from that, when you feed an excess of anything…it will have negative, even life threatening effects!

Horse care takers pay special attention to feed the air-dried garlic granules.  Raw garlic when crushed or chewed creates the compound allicin.  This is problematic for horses causing anemic reactions.   The allicin is minimized in the drying process leaving it safe for horses.  So to avoid health risks, use an air dried source of  garlic granules.  I use the Springtime Bug Off granules.

  Garlic has been in use since the beginning of recorded history.  From Egypt to Greece to India applications of its use have been written about in medical journals.  In Greece, garlic was given to the athletes of the early Olympics to increase muscular strength and  endurance.   Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine" used garlic for many applications in his work.  Garlic has also long been used for its insect repelling properties against bugs on listed above.  Garlic also contains sulfur which is known for its support of joint, skin and hair health as well as being an insect repellent.

I’ve been using a granulated garlic that works well for all of my animals.  They get a bit added  to their morning meal every day.  The key is to start with very small amounts and increase over time.   Acquiring and accepting the taste must be done gradually for most animals.   For the many benefits listed above, I now feed garlic as part of my animals’ healthy year round wellness regimen. 

Some of the added health benefits your animals will experience while taking garlic daily are…

  1. Boosts their immune system.  This is the number one thing to focus on for the health of your animals.
  2. Digestive support.  Horses have about 100 feet of digestive system that are prone to upset.  It only makes sense to give them all the extra help they need in this area!
  3. Combats allergies. Garlic offers antiviral and anti-inflammatory help to combat seasonal issues.  Building the immune system also helps here!
  4. Fights fungal infections. From thrush to ringworm garlic supports the body when dealing with these types of issues.
  5. Improves brain function.  Antioxidants in garlic boost brain health and protect the body from oxidative stress, thereby slowing the aging process.
  6. Detoxifies heavy metals. The sulfur compounds in garlic help to protect organs against heavy metal damage by reducing levels within the blood.


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  1. Thank you for this!! Could you please tell me after getting them used to the taste .what the proper amount for horse,and the amount for a 400lb hony❤️(not a horse not a pony) lol
  2. Thank you for the article. I had heard that garlic can help fight bugs, but the sulfur benefit for joints sounds even more enticing. As a side note I am wondering if humans respond to the crushed up garlic in a similar way as I eat a lot of garlic. I will have to look into this product for my horse.

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