Change This One Thing and Your Horse Will Be Happier and Healthier

There’s a great saying from entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn that has stuck with me since I first heard it… “For things to change, you must change. For things to be different, you must be different.”  

This sentiment can be life changing when put into practice.  And that means life changing for our horses too when we do change for the better!

Like so many of the things I have learned on my horse discovery journey, I have found most to be lessons that have expanded my understanding of myself.  It was the Parelli program that first helped me to understand that being with our horses involves being a better version of ourselves.  Our horses serve as our teachers and offer us a very distinct set of rules that we must learn and live up to.  Without learning these ways of interacting with them, we cannot connect.  What happens next is the horse is blamed, it needs to be “fixed” and when nothing changes, the horse is sold to make way for the new, better model.

If we look to ourselves to open our minds to new ways and new opportunities, the detrimental experiences that keep happening can now be replaced by positive new patterns!

Better solutions and improvements all come down to us doing and being better!  Being open to new ideas, listening to others, learning new ways and trying new things.  Remember what Jim said…“for things to change, you must change…”

Our horses require us to change and get better in order for us to be worthy leaders and partners.  Now let’s take this one step further and incorporate it into their care… 

  •  What if we change the way we look at keeping our horses?  

  •  What if we took into consideration the nature of the horse?  

 When we look at these factors and know that horses are designed to live in a herd, to move many miles throughout the day, browse for their food, eating grasses, leaves, flowers herbs and a variety of other plants, then we can look to adapt these qualities to their lifestyle.   

We can do things like…

  • Trade the stall for track life. Horses are movers!

  • Let them live and move as a herd.  They are herd animals and get a great sense of purpose and security knowing their place in the herd.

  • Switch out the processed grain for a forage based diet with whole foods.  Removing toxins from the diet goes a long way toward better physical and emotional health.

  • Let ‘em go barefoot.  Allow the increased movement to help develop and condition the feet to be their best.

The one thing to change, our minds!  Let's be open to making changes that are with the horse’s benefit, comfort, safety and security at heart … and not just for the ease of the human!

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