My Emotions Were Controlling My Body!

As I look back over the years, I realize I have had experiences with some pretty mysterious origins.   There have been accidents, failures, even chronic issues in my body that could not be explained. What I finally figured out was, my emotions were controlling my body and my world!   Let me share with you a couple of memorable experiences I had, that were very puzzling, but have shown me just how connected our emotions are to our bodies and our everyday experiences!

 My first experience that showed me the power of our emotions on our physical world was the sale, or rather the lack of, of my house.  It was my first house that I had purchased soon after finishing college.    I lived there for about 17 years.   After getting married, and not needing two homes, we put a lot of work into the house and listed it on the market.   The home was lovely with many custom, rustic features added.  But Not-One-Person looked at the house for the multiple years we had it on the market!  I even did the “ bury the St Joseph statue” ritual in hopes of making something happen!   What I came to realize was that I had not been ready to let go of the house.  Emotionally, vibrationally, I was holding onto it.  This realization came when there was a shift in the way I felt about the house and property.  As soon as that emotional shift happened, we had multiple people looking at and making offers on the house,   after so many years of trying to sell it!

Another powerful experience happened during my transition from trimming horses to educating about using essential oils with animals.  My excitement about the oils was growing while my interest in trimming for others was declining.  But I kept on trimming.  Soon my right hand thumb started to freeze.  Like it didn’t bend!  That meant I was having trouble using my nippers.  At this point, I hadn’t made any connection with the way I was feeling about wanting to pursue a new area of interest and my thumb. All I knew is that I was just frustrated and angry!  I decided I needed to stop trimming.  The very day I declared I would stop and pursue my new passion, my thumb returned to normal use!   Crazy right?!  Well I discovered through doing some research that the hands are governed by the heart energy center.  Some of the feelings that reside here are confinement, the inability to cope, injury, distress.  I think all of these were applicable to my situation at the time.   It is easy to see now… that once I followed my heart’s desire, the physical issue I was having disappeared and all was well!

Over the past few years, as I have been exploring the path of gaining better connection and understanding with my horse Calli, I have come into contact with ideas that have expanded not only my mind but my everyday life with my animals!   Much of this particular subject about emotions, for me, started with a collection of CD’s called The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.   The idea that we could create the life we choose by the thoughts we think and the emotions we attach to those thoughts was both thrilling and motivating!  It lit a fire in me to learn more.  It is THIS feeling, this excitement and exuberance that manifests and tells us we are on the path to big and wonderful things!  I was lead to other resources such as, Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein.  This book really solidified the idea that our emotions reside, vibrationally, within the different energy centers of our body.

As I was doing my horse workshops, helping people to understand  how to “read” what their horses might be feeling and how it affects their body, I found that I needed something to refer to that had the body systems along with the emotions and suggestions for essential oils.  I couldn’t find anything like that, so I created one!  It’s a downloadable pdf called Connecting Emotions, Energy Centers and Essential Oils  and is included in a mini course with videos explaining each section of the ebook.  It includes a chart with the emotions, body systems and essential oils for each energy center, graphics of the horse, dog and human showing energy center location, an explanation of how and why to use this resource, tips and techniques, an observation and notes template and additional resources.  There are also videos on how to use a pendulum as well as the application of the Feelings Kit oils to a horse. 
Knowing the extent to which emotions affect our bodies, for us and our animals, I think it is so worth the time to pay attention and explore this subject!  I know for myself, I now choose my thoughts and emotions to create positive experiences and manifest life goals.  When caring for my animals, I now have greater insight into their feelings and can provide better support for their health and well- being.

If you’re looking to know more about emotions and the body, and specifically horse related topics, join my community  The Hearts of Horses; Empowering Through Holistic Care.

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