Grow Healthy Hooves…   3 Easy Tips

Did you know that you can grow healthy hooves? 

 Perhaps you’ve been told that your horse has bad feet due to genetics. 

 While this may be true for a very small percentage of horses, the really big factors for growing healthy hooves 

are WITHIN YOUR POWER to change your horses’ feet for the better. 

 Read on to the end to learn about the special spray that will keep your horse’s frog full and healthy!

One of the easiest and best things to do for your horse’s feet is to learn about the dangers of sugar and where to find it!  Just like in our foods, it is in many of the feeds and supplements for horses too! 

  Processed grains are loaded with sugar.   Without knowing it, you could be feeding your horse the equivalent of chocolate chip cookies for every meal!   Does that sound like good nutrition to you? 

 Look up the NSC’s (non-structural carbohydrates) for what you are feeding.   You may need to contact the feed company as these numbers are not listed on the labels.  If what you are feeding is over 10% you might consider looking for something else.  You’ll find great nutrition and less sugar in whole foods that are not processed. 

  There’s also a great supplement I’ve found for increasing hoof growth!


With the hoof being a beautifully designed, blood pumping mechanism, it is key to motivate your horses to move as much as possible.  Horses are browsers so moving a bit and eating a bit is a normal pattern for them.  

 If we can set up their environment to promote this lifestyle, then we are going to avoid many of the maladies that go along with traditional horse care.  Problems like colic and hoof disease are drastically minimized when horses live in an environment set up as a track system. 

  The movement over varied terrain on the track is what helps to stimulate and shape the hoof.  Even helping to self-maintain in certain situations.

  This type of environment allows you to take a small area and turn it into an endless space for movement along with mental, emotional, and physical stimulation for your horses.

Providing regular care for the hooves is essential to their healthy growth! 

 A long hoof wall causes the body to put out weaker growth, which then breaks off easily.  In general, a 4-6 week cycle, depending upon your horse’s hoof growth and needs, is a good place to start. 

  The goal is to maintain a tight, well-connected hoof wall with a mustang roll.   The hoof wall, when the horse is moving in any direction, is then adhering to the hoof and not pulling away. 

  Other factors to pay attention to for the foot and trimming are an awareness of a healthy frog. 

 Do you know what a healthy frog should look like?  Do your horses’ feet have the tell-tale healthy “thumb print” in the frog?  


Now for that special spray….

Use this spray daily, weekly, every time you pick your horses’ feet and your horses will be happy to step out anywhere! 

In a 28 oz spray bottle, fill with water (saving room for the cleaner).

Add 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner to the bottle.

Add sprayer top and start using on your horses’ hooves!


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